The Other Side 4/26/2019

The Other Side

I'm a bit over three weeks post-surgery now. Have not felt up to posting prior to this, due to vertigo, fatigue, etc. I haven't had much pain, just stiff muscles from sitting/laying[...]

Warrior. Nervous warrior. 4/1/2019

Warrior. Nervous warrior.

Bought myself this shirt to wear to the hospital - and then about five minutes after I get there I'll have to trade it for an ugly gown. But I'll still be wearing[...]

Things I'm afraid of 3/31/2019

Things I'm afraid of

It is just a few days to surgery now, so it seems like a good time to talk about the things I'm afraid of, aka The Anxiety Digest:That the surgery won't work.[...]

It's in the bag 3/29/2019

It's in the bag

I made a duffel bag for my hospital stay. It might be a bit excessive to sew a whole new bag for a 3-day stay, but when I'm feeling crappy and useless, it[...]

Recovery supplies 3/26/2019

Recovery supplies

My parents gave us one of their recliners for me to use during my surgery recovery. The cow cat claimed it two minutes after it arrived in our house.The other supplies I've[...]

Diagnosis journey 3/25/2019

Diagnosis journey

My journey from first symptom to diagnosis is fairly typical, although on the lucky side of that - it was relatively short, and I didn't have any teeth pulled. Thanks to the wonder[...]