About this blog: This blog is about my life with trigeminal neuralgia (TN). It also features pictures of cats.

Why? Since being diagnosed with TN, I have gotten so much from the writings of those who have gone before me. They have brought me comfort, knowledge, solace, and a feeling of not being alone in what I'm going through - invaluable, but hard to find when you have a rare condition.

So my hope is that, by adding my own experience to the collected TN wisdom, I can help someone else along the way. And on a more selfish note, this blog is my outlet. The people in my life are wonderful and supportive, but sometimes I'd rather get my whining out at a keyboard, so that I can be more present - and pleasant - in real life.

And because my cats want me to show the world how gloriously beautiful they are.

About the name: The "V" in "Cranial V" is not the letter, but the roman numeral for five, since it is the fifth cranial nerve, and cranial nerves are referred to by roman numerals (no idea why).

About me: I'm a project manager for a university in Oregon. I have a spouse who has been my rock through all of this, and we are owned by two cats. We also have a dog, but the cats probably own him, too. I'm young - in the world of TN. I love to build and create things, and sometimes I curse like a sailor.

I have TN type 1, aka "typical" TN.

Contact: contact info coming soon.