Comment Policy

Disqus says I should have a comment policy. They're right, but I'm lazy, so I borrowed heavily from the site Birth. Movies. Death. for this:

Cranial V Comment Policy:

  1. This is my house. I like having you over here, but it's still my house, and I'm going to have my own rules. If you don't like them, you don't need to be in my house.
  2. Don't be an asshole. The other rules are basically just an explanation of this rule:
  3. As this is my house I'll make my own judgment calls about what reflects poorly on my house. If you're running around dropping racist, sexist, homophobic, etc comments, I'll kick your ass out.
  4. You don't have to agree with me or anyone else. I don't expect you to, and it's okay when you disagree. But you're going to have to disagree in a basically respectful way. That means attacking the OPINION, not the person giving the opinion.
  5. I'm not a doctor. You're not a doctor (and if you are, I'm not talking to you, because you know better than to dispense medical advice on a random website). It is fine to talk about medical options, opinions, suggestions, etc, but don't tell someone what to do with their health. See rule #3.

Those are the really hard and fast rules. Here are some 'suggestions' that aren't quite rules:

a. Don't make corrections in the comments. Nobody likes freelance copy editors. If you're really concerned about me making a typo... why? But if you really are, please see the "About" page for contact info. Correcting typos in public makes you look like a jerk.

[Just so we're clear, that doesn't apply to when I'm dead wrong on a fact that is part of the point I'm making. That's not a typo, that's me failing to properly fact check, and is fair game.]

b. Don't tell me (or someone commenting) that all our problems would be solved if we'd just go vegan / meditate / go to a chiropractor / quit sugar / hug a crystal / get a new mattress. This is related to rule #4, but it isn't really a rule - I'm not going to ban you for talking about how something other than Western/conventional medicine helped you. I've tried alternative medicine, I'm not opposed to it, and even do one of the things on that list above on a regular basis. But I am going to get annoyed if that is all you talk about.

So that's my policy. Comment moderation is a difficult sport, at best, but in doing so, I'll do my best to follow rule #2.