March 29, 2019

It's in the bag

It's in the bag

I made a duffel bag for my hospital stay. It might be a bit excessive to sew a whole new bag for a 3-day stay, but when I'm feeling crappy and useless, it will be nice to see this and remember that I can do things, even if I can't at that very moment.

I followed this pattern: The Perfect Damask Duffle for Sew 4 Home. This was a good pattern, but definitely not for beginners.* I added an internal zip pocket and a little window pocket on the inside, to put a card with my contact info. The pattern says that the handles are long enough to be carried over the shoulder, but since my 6' husband will be carrying it, I added a long shoulder strap.

The supply list calls for a 28" parka zipper, which is what I used, but I'd recommend using at least a 30" one instead. It will make putting the zipper panel together much easier if you don't have to worry about having the zipper exactly centered. It will also make it way easier to do the other modification I did: taking off the zip pulls and flipping them around to have it open in the middle (instead of just having it open from one side). Since I couldn't spare any of the length, I had to carefully snip off the bits on the end that keep the zip pulls from coming off.

Ta da!
Internal zip pocket. That fabric makes me happy every time I see it. I zig-zagged the top stitching to add extra reinforcement because internal pockets are often the first failure point on a bag.
For card with contact info, in case the bag gets misplaced in the hospital shuffle. There is vinyl over the window, which isn't really visible in this picture... it is see-through, after all. Note the cat hair - they were constantly laying on the half-finished parts of the bag. I went through many lint-roll sheets, and still didn't get it all.

* If you want to learn to sew bags, I'd recommend "A Bag for All Reasons" by Lisa Lam. I've actually only made one of the bags in that book, but I often pull it out to refer to when sewing bags from other patterns.