Cat nap. 3/21/2019

Cat nap.

This post is not about TN. I just felt like posting a picture of one of my cats being lazy. I know this has been said before—like, a million times—but they[...]

Pre-Op Details 3/20/2019

Pre-Op Details

After writing yesterday's post, I realized that I didn't talk at all about what was involved in the pre-op appointments. These sorts of details, in other blogs, have been so helpful to me[...]

Two weeks to go. 3/19/2019

Two weeks to go.

Two weeks until the TN surgery. I'm a bit nervous, but mostly just looking forward to being on the other side. Had pre-op appointments last week, which were reassuring, even though we discussed[...]



Some days I feel like a warrior. I'm unstoppable; whatever comes my way, I'll just keep fighting. There's a sun in the way? Blow it up. On these sorts of days, I'm playing[...]