March 26, 2019

Recovery supplies

Recovery supplies

My parents gave us one of their recliners for me to use during my surgery recovery. The cow cat claimed it two minutes after it arrived in our house.

The other supplies I've gathered for my recovery include:

  • A bizarre-looking travel pillow, the "J-Pillow" - which was put to the test a couple weeks ago when I had a bad head cold and couldn't lay down because of the cough. I propped myself up on the couch with some pillows and then put that thing on my head, and was actually able to sleep (at least in-between coughing fits). I've never found travel pillows to be very useful, so I'm glad it seems to work. I bought it for the hour-long ride home from the hospital, but it may also come in handy once I'm home.
  • Pajamas with button-up tops.
  • A lap table with a tilting top.
  • A book of crossword puzzles and another with sudoku puzzles.
  • Coloring books - a relaxation mandala book, and a sweary snarky one. Because relaxing is nice, but sometimes you're just sick of the f*cking sh*t and don't need some damn book of mandalas telling you to breathe. And then the next day you want your mandalas back.
  • Tombow dual brush markers, because they are just delightful to color with, and this was a wonderful excuse to buy another set.
  • And probably the most important supplies: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I may never want to watch TV again after this, but since part of the incision will be through my neck muscles, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to do anything other than watch TV for a while.

At least I'll have company:

The chair is hers.