April 26, 2019

The Other Side

The Other Side

I'm a bit over three weeks post-surgery now. Have not felt up to posting prior to this, due to vertigo, fatigue, etc. I haven't had much pain, just stiff muscles from sitting/laying all day. But lots of vertigo - the first week was the worst vertigo I've ever had. I get the impression that I've had it worse than average, but not so bad that the doctors / nurses are worried. I've always been highly susceptible to motion sickness etc, so it isn't surprising. But it is unpleasant, and I was downright miserable in the beginning of my recovery.

But it is getting better. I can watch some TV now, as long as the show doesn't have a lot of spinning or other similar camera movement. Even reading a book could make me nauseous in the beginning, but I can read for a few hours now without too much trouble. I'm still pretty tired - if I walk to the kitchen and back a couple times, I feel worn out and a bit sick, and have to sit still for minute. So it is partially lack of energy and partially the remaining vertigo.

On the plus side, my incision is healing up just fine. They shaved off a curved strip of hair in a concentric circle behind my ear, but left a bit in front, so the shaved part and incision isn't visible unless I put my hair up in a pony tail.

I've had some very minor TN pain, which apparently is normal, the docs call this "rebound pain." But it is far less than it was prior to surgery. I'm still on the Tegretol, will taper off that once I'm off the vertigo meds. I do have pressure in my left temple - this was something that I felt for a few weeks when I first started the Tegretol, that eventually faded away. So fingers crossed it fades away again.

This is the most I've typed since the surgery, so I'll call it quits now so that I don't wear myself out. I'll post more details later about surgery, hospital, recovery, etc.